A Few of My Favorite Things – 1.1

I’m back with the second installment of A Few of My Favorite Things! The Sims 4 legacy starting my simself, Morgan Brittany! Last time Morgan mostly struck out with men, but then there was Axel. They hit things off so well that Morgan proposed to him on their first date! And he said yes!

Now let’s get this show on the road!

Since last time Morgan got engaged to Axel, on the first date no less, we’ve got to put that inspiration to good use. And that’s just what we did. She finished her first book – a children’s book!

Let me just show you how truly incredible and beautiful this next scene would be…

If the trees didn’t disappear 😐

Morgan: “I can’t wait to get to the best part of a wedding day.. Or should I say night.”

Dirty, dirty girl.

Morgan: “I kinda suck at memorizing things, so I’m just going to read you my vows, is that alright?”

Axel: *nods*

Morgan: “Even though I’ve only known your for a couple days, there is no one else attractive in this town.. err wait I crossed that part out. Sorry! Let me start over…”

Morgan: “That was just awful, wasn’t it?”

Axel: “No! No, I thought they were.. great!”

Lying apparently causes him physical pain.

Morgan: “Oh! I’m so glad you like them!”

Axel: “Morgan Brittany, you must have been sent as a gift to this world. Your beautiful charm had me captivated from there very first moment I met you…”

Morgan: “Quick! Kiss me.”

Nope, this guy’s just not gonna take a hint.

Morgan: “I thought maybe if we started kissing, that creeper would feel awkward and leave.”

Axel: “Clearly he doesn’t recognize awkward situations.”

Axel: “Look dude, I’m kinda in the middle of something here… if you don’t mind..”

Creeper: I don’t mind.

Morgan: “Did that work?”

Axel: “Nope, he’s still standing there.”

Morgan: “It paints me to say this, but we might just have to ignore him and get on with our wedding.”

Axel: “I wish we didn’t have to. I wanted this day to be perfect.”

Morgan: “Oh babe, it still will be. One day we’ll look back on this day and be able to laugh, and it will make it all the more special.”

Axel: “You’re an amazing woman, have I told you that lately?”


That’s right! GTFO DUDE!!

Axel: “Are you ready babe?”

Morgan: “Oh am I ever.”

Morgan: “This ring I give to you..”

Morgan: “As a symbol of my love and faithfulness.”

Axel: “Damn, that’s some bling, baby.”

Husband and Wife ❤

Apparently I missed the animation of Axel putting the ring on her 😦

Morgan: “Where did he go?”

Apparently moving in together, or getting married in this case, bumps the new roomie back to the house. That’s inconvenient.

Morgan followed Axel on home and then made them a nice salad for dinner – no potential for any more mishaps(!)

Oh hey look! It’s the Sims 3 on the TV!

Morgan: “I think I’m about ready to be done with this Salad. How, ’bout you?”

Axel: “Oh I’d much rather eat you up.”

Have fun, you two!

Oh married life…

Morgan: “Oh no… I think I’m going to be sick.”

Axel: “Did you eat something ba–”

Morgan: “Hold that thought.”

Hmmm… I wonder?

Oh wait, this is the Sims 4. They can just pee on a stick!

Axel went to the store and bought Morgan a pregnancy test.

Axel: “Don’t worry babe, I’m right here with you.”

Morgan: “Stop. Don’t look at me. I can’t pee with you staring at me like that.”

Congratulations you two!

Generation two is on the way.

What in the-   What is this? The Sims 2? *pop*


Oh yeah, you guys are all probably wondering what Axel’s traits are. Here he is!

He’s a bro, hot-headed, and loves music. He has the knowledge aspiration, and wants to be a computer whiz, giving him the quick learner bonus trait.

Morgan: “I can’t believe we’re going to be parents!!”

Axel: “I can’t believe it either.” *lowerlipwiggle*

Aww!! He’s so excited he’s going to cry! Too cute!!

With a little one on the way, they needed some extra room!

Little nursery for baby Brittany!

So basically I took about a billion baby bump pictures because I just loved seeing Morgan’s belly grow. I’ll save you the pain though and just show a couple.

Preggy gotta-pee waddle

Someone’s about ready to pop!

Morgan: “Axel! I could really use another back massage…”

Baby’s on it’s way!!

But first a nap. I don’t know how she can even do that!

Alrighty! Time to push!

It took me a while to figure out how to have her give birth. But I got it figured out eventually.

Meet Luke Danes Brittany named after the very best man ever on Gilmore Girls!


And that’s it for this update! Sorry about how rushed that got at the end. I just literally had a bazillion pictures of the same things and it doesn’t help that I’ve had these pictures sitting there a week so I don’t remember very well the significance of any of them. I hope you enjoyed anyway though. Please leave comments, questions and thoughts below, I’d love to hear from you!


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