A Few of My Favorite Things – 1.0

Hello Helloo! Welcome to the newest edition to my legacy titles, A Few of My Favorite Things! I know what you might be thinking, morgibritt, how on earth are you going to keep up with three legacies at once? Now that I’m not in school, I feel like I’ll have more time to dedicate to the Sims. And they will be on a rotation… If I can get Sims 3 working (it wasn’t cooperating last night). But I’m dying to try out a legacy in the Sims 4! I’m not really following Pinstar’s rules because I’m not much of rule person when it comes to the Sims – I think it takes away from my own creativity.

Why is this legacy called A Few of My Favorite Things? Is it a Sound of Music themed legacy? No. But there is a theme! Each generation will have a different theme (because I couldn’t decide on just one) and all the simmies born in that generation will have a name that coorisponds to that generation theme. And yes, all the themes will be “a few of my favorite things.” I think the second generation is going to be Gilmore Girls in honor of it coming to Netflix next month!!

Now let’s meet our founder!

This, my lovelies, is Morgan Brittany, my simself! I made her lifetime aspiration be Successful Lineage because that seemed perfect for a legacy founder, and thus her given trait is Domestic. Her, or my, other three traits are Creative, Genius, and Romantic. This should be interesting.

Morgan finds herself outside her new house in Willow Creek. Those of you that have read my Sims 3 legacies know that I love building and especially interior designing of my sims’ homes, however I am not familiar or confident enough to tackle building in the Sims 4 yet. I tried, and was not pleased with the outcome. I’ll just need more practice, so for the time being Morgan is living in one of the premade homes.

First thing, it’s off to explore Willow Creek.
Morgan immediately sits down and starts playing chess with this guy.

Morgan: Why is this lady creepily watching us play?

I feel like this is accurate. I’d make a face like that. It’s always doing weird things that I can’t control.

Morgan ended up starting a game with this woman, Lila Pack.

Lila: “Are you one of those damn legacy founders? You sure look like one, all doe-eyed and  acting like you’re somehow entitled.”

Morgan: “I am not doe-eyed and entitled!”

Lila: “Oh sure you are. Walking around like you’re better than everyone else. Like you’re some damn celebrity.”

Morgan: “Well you know what. No one asked for your opinion, you old hag.”

Morgan: “I QUIT!”

Morgan: “I’ll show you entitled!”

Morgan: “Mean, bitchy old lady.”

You feel better now?

Morgan: “Yes.”

After cooling off, Morgan took a trip to the Library to try and find some better company. She sat next to Delilah Frey and started up a friendly conversation.

The first time through, they became friends, but then my game crashed and they didn’t make the second time. I also had to turn back on laptop mode, so sorry about the bad indoor images.

On reload, this hottie came and sat himself down next to Morgan.

???: “I don’t think I’ve seen you around before, are you new to town?”

Morgan: “Is it that obvious? It’s my first day, actually. I’m Morgan, by the way.”

???: “It’s nice to meet you, Morgan. I’m Axel. So how’s your first day in Willow Creek going?”

Morgan: “Honestly, not that great.”

Axel: “Why not?”

Morgan: “Well I was trying to play a game of chess with this old woman, but then she went all crazy on me. Started insulting me left and right. It just kind of ruined my day.”

Axel: “Well that wasn’t very welcoming of her at all!”

Morgan: “Right?!”

Morgan went home shortly after that because she was starving as she’d not eaten anything all day. But Axel had certainly lifted her spirits and made her feel better about her first day in Willow Creek.

Time to celebrate with some grilled cheese.

Morgan: “Shit.”

Morgan: “I’m just going to scoop this back into the frying pan…”

I may or may not have done this before…


Morgan: “And we’re good.”

Morgan: “Woops.”

Morgan: “Wow. I really suck at this cooking thing.”

Morgan: “But actually, this isn’t half bad.”

Time for a little after dinner violin practice.

Morgan: “Oh god. Something must be wrong with this violin.”

Oh honey, I think the violin is perfectly fine.

Morgan got a career as a writer, only because they don’t have an education career track yet in TS4.

Time to get writing.

Morgan met up with Delilah at the museum.

Morgan: “Is it just me, or is that guy over there hard core staring this way?”

Delilah: “Oh old wrinkle-bags over there definitely has the hots for you.”

Morgan: “No I think he’s staring at you.”

Delilah: “Oh I’d totally do him.”

Someone has to potty.

Glad to see things haven’t changed and you’re still dropping the salt shaker into your food, Moe.

Can I just say that I seriously love the new cooking animations.

Get to work on that novel, missy.

This picture’s point is to show that Morgan has tried meeting men, but unfortunately no luck yet.

Morgan ran into Axel again at the park. They had a delightful conversation. Looks like he may be our guy.

Later that evening, Morgan found some hamburgers that someone abandoned at the park.

Morgan: “Don’t mind if I do.”

Morgan: “Wow. This is the best thing I’ve ever tasted in my life.”

Morgan: “Oh heyy! Imagine seeing you here at my house.”

Axel: “You invited me here.”

Morgan: “Oh come on! It was a joke. Tough crowd, I see.”

Morgan: “Bowties are sooo sexy.”

Axel: “Oh, this old thing..”

Axel: “I find that little dress of yours quite sexy, myself.”

First kiss!

Morgan: “Was that okay?”

Axel: “That was.. Wow. Just wow.”

Morgan: “You know, I’m not wearing any panties…”

Axel: “I might need to investigate this claim of yours.”

Morgan tries to set the mood with some romantic live music, but it’s Morgan we’re talking about.

Put the violin down, hun.

And just where are you two headed off to?

I just love Morgan’s bouncy energized walk – it’s so like me!

You kids have fun in there now. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.. Haha!

Post-woohoo these two decided to go on a little date.

Morgan: “You, get over here.”

No issue with PDA here!

Morgan: “So.. Earlier in my bed.. That was pretty awesome.”

They made cute, first date conversation.

Morgan: “So do you like wanna be girlfriend and boyfriend?”

Axel: “Yes.”

Morgan: “Yes? You said yes?!”

Both: “Yes! Yes!”

And they both did this adorable happy dance.

Axel: “A rose for my beautiful lady.”

He is too adorable!

Morgan: “I love it, Axel!”

I’m so in love with this game right now!

NO! Not in the bathroom!

Nasty plumbbob get out of here!

Morgan: “Axel McCloud, I have had such an incredible night with you and I never want it to end. Being your girlfriend just isn’t enough for me. I want to be with you forever.”

Morgan: “Marry me, McCloud?”

Axel: “Yes! Of course!”

You rock that engagement ring, Axel.

Way too much excitement in one night for this girl. The poor thing passed out hard.


And that concludes the first installment of A Few of My Favorite Things! I hope you enjoyed it! I apologize for some of the awkwardness, I’m still trying to get used to TS4. Like how to get rid of those stupid plumbbobs. But please leave any comments or questions for me! I absolutely love them ❤

Happy Simming Y’all!


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